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Brummer's Tree & Shrub, LLC

NJTC Registration #NJTC791353


Landscape Maintenance – Trees, Shrubs and Flowers/ Transplanting, and Landscaping

We offer all types of gardening work- from weeding beds to mulching, planting annuals, planting perennials to installing landscapes. Please inquire. We have some great design ideas.

Tree & Stump Removal

Brummer’s Tree & Shrub, LLC will provide you with the service you deserve. We are a full-service tree business - fully equipped to take on any job. We will get the job done safely, timely and with expertise. When we do a job, we leave the site spotless and pristine. We are fully licensed and insured.


We offer spray care programs for your trees and shrubs which consists of 3 sprays- Spring, Summer and Fall as wells as Injections. We will design a program that fits your budget and your needs. We treat mites, aphids, tent caterpillars, bag worms, scale, borers and much more. ​​Our goal is to control the pesky insects on your trees and shrubs. 

Mosquito & Tick Control Programs and Perimeter Pest Control 

Not only will this service combat mosquitoes and ticks, this will control earwigs, spiders, ants, flies, crickets, fleas and more.   Get protection for your family and pets!  We comply with all EPA Regulations and are fully licensed and insured.

This size is for your average sized fireplace and is between 18” and 24”.
1 Cord $250- 1/2 Cord $150- 1/4 Cord $100
Short- This size is cut shorter for a wood burning stove or a very small
firebox and is between 12” and 16”.      
1 Cord
$250- 1/2 Cord $150- 1/4 Cord $100
Delivery- Free of Charge
Stacking fees start at $30 and up. 
To place an order for firewood, please call 732-870-0391.

Trimming & Pruning

Besides removing trees, we trim and prune trees and shrubs.  Removing the deadwood from your trees gives the tree more stability and is less likely to suffer damage when there is a storm with high winds. A well cared for tree not only looks beautiful and balanced, but also gives the tree the strength to carry on for years to come.


We offer deep root fertilizing to trees and shrubs which promotes growth and helps to maintain healthy trees and shrubs. When your landscape is compromised due to the environment- heat, cold, insects. drought-the deep root fertilizer gives your plants an extra boost it needs.